Bright colors art

Summer, summer..After a long winter we finally have all these colors around us. Lately we did a couple of very simple art projects with kiddos, I thought I might share them here.

Both projects are inspired by pinterest finds:

Project number one (inspired by Tissue paper tree collage). We decided to pick an object that would look good at the sunset and then add tissue paper as the colors in the sky. D. went for an easy object and drew a camping tent with black oil pastels. Then he glued tissue paper pieces all around it. We mounted his artwork on a piece of construction paper. Although the task was easy enough it took D. a while to paste all the tissue paper pieces and after he was exhausted. But very happy with his work too.


Project number two (summer colors and a spiderweb inspired by this).

We looked at many wonderful images of spiderwebs that we found online, we agreed that even if we’d rather not have spiders in the house and not walk into a spiderweb, it is also beautiful thing. We though about all the flowers we see outside and how lovely they look.

So first thing kids did is to draw a spiderweb with a crayon- D. used a white one, C. used the blue one, since it’s hard for her to see the white on white.After the spiderwebs were drawn, kids went crazy with their watercolors. I asked them to use as many brightest colors as possible and think of all the pretty colors they see.

Here is the result:


D.’s spiderweb


C.’s spiderweb

That was lots of fun!


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