Screen-Free Week

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This year Screen-Free Week falls on April 29-May 4, which means next week promises to be very interesting. We tried to do screen-free week last year and, not being well prepared, I caved in after three days or so. So this year it is a special challenge for me too, since I hope to stay away from computer as much as possible.

I keep telling myself it shouldn’t be too hard actually, as we don’t watch TV programs at all, and all the kids’ movies are on DVD. We do Monday Screen-Free every single week, so kids are familiar with the concept. It was actually D.’s idea to do the whole week entirely screen-free this year and he promised to stick to it.

I’ve planned some things  that should be fun  (all of these are “inside” kind of activities, outside we don’t even need a plan kids just explore ’till they drop)


1) Build a tiny village, originally planned with small boxes (click here for the idea) but then I came across this kit  and it’s too cute not to try ( I’m absolutely enchanted by Delphine Doreau’s work, she has tons of paper toys at her blog too ) , plus less work for me hopefully.

[click on image to get from Alibris]

Origami is also a good idea, there are also lots of paper models here (the site is entirely in Japanese, but fear not, just click on the model and .pdf will be there to download)

2) Live Music!  I’ll dust off my violin, we’ll hand a recorder to little C. and D. can play his favorite pieces on piano. Yay for a mini-concert!


3) I’ll finally teach D. to cross-stitch, he’s been asking me for a long time now. There are tons of weaving projects online too for C. to try , and is case embroidery is not quite for D. after all.


4) Board games, haven’t played Dixit for ages.


5) Books! We’ll snuggle and read, read, read…


6) Kids already decided to sort their lego (again), and we are planning to re-build some larger sets together, making up stories as we build.


7) Stargazing.

8) Drawing, painting, coloring to our hearts content.


9) Cooking together, making salads are C.’s favorite and D. can help with bigger dishes. I like Williams-Sonoma cookbooks for kids a lot. The recipes are simple and fun.

[click on images to purchase from Alibris]

10) Dancing in the dark with flashlights, build a fort with pillows, pitch a tent in the middle of the living room, possibilities are endless.

What I’m looking forward the most though are the games my children will play, stories they will come up with, I want to see the towers they will build out of their blocks, what they will do with this tub of Schleich animals, I’m sure their little doctor’s case will come out and they will treat all the plushies, just playing without any structure or prompts from the grown-ups, that what screen free is all about.

Hope our attempt this year will be a success, will post about the results! Happy Screen-Free Week everyone!

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