Read and make: Nightlife

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April 17 was International Bat Appreciation Day. I had big plans, but in the end had to improvise due to us being terribly snowed in and unable to go to the library.

We read a couple of books on nightlife that were at home:

I love the nightlife! by Tish Rabe (Cat in the Hat series), a very nice book for a preschooler, it introduces three nocturnal animals and their good sense of sight, hearing and smell. Favorite character and rhymes make it easy to remember.

[click on image for link to Alibris]

Second book we read   Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman, illustrated by Rick Allen (published in 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, Newbery Honor 2011). This is truly wonderful book of poems on night critters. each poem is accompanied by a note on an animal. Illustrations in dark, soothing colors are absolutely gorgeous .

[click on image for link to Alibris]

We watched video about bats on National Geographic kids page, we looked up images of cute and scary looking bats. Kids aww-ed at baby fox bats and laughed at some pictures, such as this one:


We did a little art project too:

First we picked up a large sheet of paper and kids drew night time background, including tree branch and grass. Then we folded some origami leaves (using this tutorial) and a couple of bats (using this video). We are a bit origami challenged as you can tell 😀  We glued leaves and bats on the picture, added an origami fox. D. then drew a snail, a hedgehog and raccoon’s behind since all of the racoons wouldn’t fit and glued them on as well. Added some tissue paper grass for additional effect. Kids asked to frame this picture and this ikea frame purchased on sale ages ago came in handy.



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